Meet the Team

Richard Tyrrell
Managing Director, MISPE

Prior to entering the swimming pool industry, Richard was a Director of a building company specialising in alterations, refurbishments and extensions. During 1970 Richard was approached  by an existing customer who engaged him to design and build a swimming pool.  Following the success of this pool build Richard discovered a passion for swimming pools and continued to develop his knowledge under the expert guidance of his customer.

During the 35 years from 1970 to 2005, Richard dedicated his working life to swimming pools and became a leading expert in all and every aspect of the industry.  Over that time he designed and built numerous pools, dealt with and resolved every imaginable problem and built up an enviable knowledge and customer base. It is testimony to Richard that even today RT Swimming Pools Limited has many customers where we service and maintain the pools that he designed and built many years previously. 

By 2005, the maintenance side of the business had increased to the extent Richard decided to focus on servicing and maintaining pools. Having gained a reputation for first class, professional customer service, the business continued to grow and on 1st May 2019 the business transitioned to a private limited company operating out of a modern new unit with first-class facilities in Holton Heath. 

Richard has been a member of the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers since 1980 and he continues to lead the business as MD and train the next generation of swimming pool engineers.  

David Brown
Maintenance Director, TnISPE (Cert)

David worked in the printing industry as a lithographic printer for 35 Years, excelling in his trade and valued as a key member of staff. However, in 2014 David felt he had reached a peak point in his printing career and a new challenge would enhance and invigorate his working life.  Following a meeting with Richard and recognising David’s qualities, Richard invited him to consider joining RT Swimming Pool Services and assist in the growing business.

Since coming aboard in 2014, David has been coached and trained by Richard in all aspects of swimming pool maintenance, service and repair. David is a fully qualified ISPE Engineer having attained the TnISPE Certification and also holds an IQ Level 3 Certificate in Swimming Pool Operations. David became a Director of RT Swimming Pool Services Limited following the transition to a private limited company in 2019.

David has discovered a real passion for the business and is highly valued by our clients. As Maintenance Director, working closely with Richard, David oversees all aspects of service and maintenance the company provides to its clients.

Andrew Donner
Finance Director

Andrew spent his entire working career of over 40 years in the financial services sector with the final 25 years employed by various large securities custodians and depositories. During his time in finance, Andrew held various senior technical, sales and relationship management positions. He retired from HSBC in October 2018, where he was the UK Business Head and Head of Trustee Relationship Management at HSBC Trustee and Depositary Services.

Having had a personal friendship for over 15 years, he was encouraged by Richard to assist in the transition of RT Swimming Pool Services to a private limited company and to look after the financial accounts and attend to company secretarial matters.